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"...Linda Gondosch has a teacher's flair for making history interesting ..."  
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I enjoy talking with students about reading and writing.  After my presentations, many students head to the library inspired to read and eager to write stories of their own.
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True Tales of American History

     I am an author of children's books, including middle-grade fiction and nonfiction, beginning chapter books, and picture books.  Who Needs A Bratty Brother? won the Kentucky BluegrassLinda Award -- a children’s choice award.

    I was born in West Virginia, grew up in Cleveland, Ohio, and attended Ohio University and Northern Kentucky University.  I now live in Richmond, Texas, near Houston.  Besides writing children’s books, I have taught in almost every grade from preschool to college level.

     Enjoy yourself as you explore my world and learn more about my books and my school visits.



 Junípero Serra: Founder of the California Missions

                In 18th-century Spain, daring stories of missionaries spreading the Gospel in the New World ignited the imagination of a devout young boy.  Miguel Serra’s dream soon junipero serrabecame a reality.  As Franciscan friar Junípero Serra, he traveled to the New World and tirelessly preached the love of Christ to the natives living in the uncharted wilderness of California.  His motto was, “Always forward, never back.”

   Pope Francis canonized Father Serra on September 23, 2015, during his historic visit to the USA.

   Join the “founding father of California” on his amazing journey that led to the establishment of the 21 Catholic missions in California.  His presence and work are still very much alive through these beautiful missions that are visited by millions of people every year. 

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             Camp Kickapoo cover2011 Award Winner!
How Did Tea and Taxes Spark a Revolution? was named an "Honor Book" in the Social Studies--Grades
K-6 category of the Society of School Librarians International 2011 Book Awards!

    On a cold evening in December 1773, a group of men climbed aboard three ships docked in Boston Harbor.  Armed with hatchets, the men began breaking into the ships’ valuable cargo – 342 crates of tea.  They dumped the tea into the black water of the harbor and then marched back home through the city streets.  This “Boston Tea Party” was a bold act of protest by American colonists against British rule.  It pushed the colonies and Great Britain a step closer to war.
    But who were these protestors?
    Why would they risk angering the powerful British government?
   And how did the British respond?
   Discover the facts about the famous Boston Tea Party and the colonists’ struggle for independent rule. 
     How Did Tea and Taxes Spark a Revolution?  And Other Questions about the Boston Tea Party  is part of the Six Questions of American History series, published by Lerner Publishing Group.

Available now -- More info on "My Books" .

Want to learn more about me and my books? 
Check out www.MicheleStegman.com/book-reviews/tea-and-taxes where you will find an insightful review of How Did Tea and Taxes Spark a Revolution? And Other Questions about the Boston Tea Party.  This excellent review is written by Michele Stegman, author and former teacher.